Star Wars: Battlefront 3 files discovered on Resident Evil: Raccoon City disc

Battlefront 3 - Hoth

Whatever happened to Battlefront? Nobody really knows. Not even that scowling mystical turnip, Yoda. but Betagames claim to have found remnants of a Battlefront project in the form of images stashed away on the Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City disk. That seems like an odd place to leave some spare files, but Raccoon City developers, Slant Six were rumoured to have been working on the third game in the Battlefront series for a while. The files include a variety of pro-quality loading screens and some odd bits of texture work, including a hideous image of Luke Skywalker's face stretched out on a 2D plane. Eeeugh.

Here are a few of the images, courtesy of Betagames, by way of the Battlefront 3 fansite . The next Battlefront is since rumoured to have moved from Slant Six to Spark Unlimited, who have responded coyly to VG247 's inquiries saying that they are “working on a sequel for a well known sci-fi franchise,” adding that “all aspects must remain secret,” presumably out of fear of failing lord Vader for the last time.

Hopefully they'll dig in and redouble their efforts, a big Battlefront game in a new engine would be rather welcome.

Tom Senior

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