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Star Citizen's expanded PAX East video shows off spacewalking and stealth

Star Citizen's recent blast of gameplay footage is what happens when you give the Once and Future King of space games $41 million to make his dream space game a reality: ie much whooping and unbridled excitement over one admittedly pretty stonking video. But what if you could watch the same video again, with added interview bits and extra footage, including stealth manoeuvers (in the dark) and a moderately terrifying Gravity-style spacewalk? If your answer contains hollering and/or whooping, you may join me after the break.

The video, below, describes the prep for the PAX East presentation, before showing the impressive demo in full, and eventually moving on to some additional footage, including an unscheduled spacewalk among the stars. It also delves into discussion of Arena Commander, Star Citizen's upcoming online dogfighting component, which will be released some months before the main event. (Thanks, Polygon .)