Star Citizen crowdfunding still rising, surpasses $15 million

It's the crowdfund that's reaching for the stars— Star Citizen has surpassed the $15 million mark according to a recent announcement on its official website. That's more than enough money to make a game that'd test the limits of even Chris Robert's PC . The site writes to the Star Citizen community: "t en years ago, big publishers decided space games weren't profitable… and you are proving them very, very wrong."

Reaching the milestone has unlocked the escort carrier, a new flyable ship class along with a free digital 42-page "Upgrade Handbook manual" for every backer. The next stretch goal of $16 million has been fleshed out a bit too, promising a laser pistol for pledgers and a new "Arena mode" where players can get in dogfights with each other to earn credits. It's described as being "a combination of a sports tournament and modern-day gaming contests."

If that milestone is hit, the $17 million mark promises another flyable ship—the battlecruiser.