Squad maps, systems, weapons detailed in dev update


Squad is an upcoming multiplayer FPS that's promising massive battles and a focus on realism, teamplay, and communication. "Squad will support up to 100 players in competitive multiplayer," reads the official website. "This broad scope serves to immerse the player into a rich battle environment filled with challenges and opportunities." A development update was posted today revealing more about what you'll see in the game when it hits Steam Early Access later this year.

The post talks about, among other things, map randomisation. "We've introduced a new system for randomising buildings and other static meshes when starting a new map, greatly increasing round variety and encouraging players to adapt to the always changing tactical situation." They're also showing off some new explosion effects, which you can see in action here. Nice particles.

And here's a glimpse at a few of the game's maps.

Chora 4

Jensensrange 2

Foolsroad 2

Andy Kelly

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