Splinter Cell: Blacklist trailer explains the game in exhaustive detail

There have been roughly seventy gajillion Blacklist trailers, all of which have merged in my memory into a grimdark blob of third-rate Bauerisms, torture, and static-laden TV screens. This latest one now supersedes its predecessors, by explaining every part of the game systematically over seven minutes. Unfortunately, it's delivered by a wet-blanket cliche of a wise-cracking nerd guy, with a voice so bland that it's impossible to focus on the information he imparts. Hopefully, your eyes will be able to fill in the gaps.

A complete aside: I'm still waiting for a bombastic, hyper-real drama that actually gets the depiction of media right. Skip back to 34 seconds in that video. Real YouTube would be stuck on 301+ views.

As aggressively off-putting as the tone seems to be, I enjoyed the fluid snappity neck action of Conviction. While it bore little resemblance to the original series, it was at least a better mechanical reboot than Hitman: Absolution. Blacklist looks to tread a similar light-footed path, so could well be an enjoyable action title, despite the dumb bits.

It's out August 20th/23rd, depending on the quaint traditions of your country's antiquated physical retailers.

Phil Savage

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