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Spintires is driving to Chernobyl in its latest expansion

Spintires, the driving sim that reflects man's primal battle with nature by making you drive through loads of mud, is now going to Chernobyl in a new expansion. It's like Stalker, but you're only interested in finding logging sites and keeping your precious truck running.

As a trucker, you'll have to drive around the exclusion zone to hunt down prize logging sites, while also trying to avoid getting blasted by radiation—you get a Geiger counter—or damaging your vehicle during your off-road shenanigans. The expansion includes two new vehicles, the B-157 and B-505, which will hopefully be hardy enough for the tough job. 

The power plant, Pripyat, Red Forest, Kupsta Lake and the Duga Radar have all been recreated, so you can go on a lovely, morbid sightseeing tour. With the HBO miniseries still pretty fresh in my mind, I'd honestly rather not. 

The expansion is for Oovee Games' original Spintires from 2014, rather than Mudrunner (formerly Spintires: Mudrunner), an updated version of the game from Saber Interactive and Focus.  It's the third piece of DLC to appear this year, but seems considerably larger than the previous two. 

You'll be able to fight radioactive mud in December.

Fraser Brown
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