Spec Ops: The Line developer announces aerial armada-focused Dreadnought

The developer behind Spec Ops: The Line announced today that they are working on a new action game titled Dreadnought. Players will be put in command of a massive super-carrier warships, the sci-fi equivalent of modern, city-sized aircraft carriers.

“Dreadnought harkens back to the PC space combat game we developed when we first started out,” Mathias Wiese, art director and co-founder at Yager, wrote in a press release. “In the years since, we've been developing and testing some incredible ideas that now perfectly come together in Dreadnought.”

The game will be published by Grey Box, the publisher behind the recently revealed RTS Grey Goo . Ships will be fully controllable down to specific sub-systems, weapons, armor, and crew. “We all have that dream of sitting in the Captain's Chair,” Tony Medrano, creative director at Grey Box writes. “It's an awesome feeling to control something so huge and powerful, and that feeling is present in Dreadnought.” The premise sounds great, but what we don't know yet could fill a dreadnought's cargo bays. We've yet to see how involved the systems management system is, and whether it feels like balancing a checkbook or playing a super-sized version of FTL remains to be seen.

For more information and to follow development, check out Dreadnought's website . Yager hopes to bring the game into beta early next year.