Space Hulk: Tactics echoes tabletop Warhammer and XCOM-style warfare

Billed as a "faithful adaptation" of the titular Warhammer 40K board game, Space Hulk: Tactics has released its first overview trailer. 

Cue details on its two narrative-led single-player campaigns, its card system, its neat-sounding community map maker tool, its wealth of customisation options, and a pretty thorough look at its turn-based combat system in practice.

In singleplayer, you'll choose between either the Blood Angels Space Marine Terminators or the alien Genestealers—the latter of whom players can command for the first time in the Space Hulk series. 

As per its tabletop roots, players are granted customisation options for "every limb, joint and weapon" as they "choose the exact look of the units in [their] roster." And the game's new card system gives players more control over the turn-based battlefield than ever before. 

If any of that floats yer dreadnought, Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive say Space Hulk: Tactics is due on PC later this year.