Sony is hiring a 'senior director for PC planning and strategy'

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Sony formed a PlayStation PC publishing label in 2021, and has brought plenty of formerly PlayStation-exclusive games to PC, with Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn, and God of War among them. (Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is due later this year.) This ongoing experiment has clearly done well for the company, and the latest sign of that is a job listing for a senior director of PC planning and strategy at PlayStation Global.

If you were afraid Sony's fling with PC gaming might prove brief, this listing is more evidence of it continuing long-term. Whoever gets the role "will be responsible for the strategy and commercial activity within Global Channel sales and will deliver a single, optimized PC Sales growth and commercial plan to hub and territory teams to implement." I expect that plan will need to be something a little more involved than, "put Bloodborne on PC already."

Bringing already popular games to PC is a strategy that's worked for Sony so far. God of War was Sony's biggest PC launch, but Horizon Zero Dawn also sold well and Days Gone respectably. There are plenty of other recent big-budget action games on the console still waiting to be ported over—honestly, Bloodborne can wait if it means getting Spider-Man into the hands of modders any sooner—but presumably Sony's plans will go further than that.

Simultaneous releases of future games would be an obvious next step, once the backlog of prestige exclusives has been worked through. The question is, would brand new games be released on Steam, Epic, or a potential PlayStation launcher? A kind of PSN for PC, perhaps with cross-save and shared trophies? Given that Bethesda just announced the shutdown date for its launcher, maybe Sony's new senior director of PC planning and strategy will read the writing on the wall there.

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