Smite smites LoL's championship prize pool

Smite Cropped

League of Legends' huge prize pool haul for its 2014 World Championships has been surpassed, with Hi Rez Studios' Smite bringing in more crowdsourced dollars for its own World Championship.

At the time of writing the prize money sits at $2.14 million, the third highest tournament reward in eSports history, but it'll certainly be higher than that by the time the Smite World Championship rolls around.

Admittedly while Smite has smote League of Legends' record haul ($2.13 million), it's still a ways off Dota 2's The International fund, which this past year hit a frankly absurd $10 million.

The Smite World Championship takes place January 9-11 in Atlanta, Georgia and will see the world's best eight Smite teams face off.

First place takes home 50% of the pool, second takes 20%, third 15%, fourth 10% and fifth to eighth all get 1.25% apiece. So regardless of where a team finishes, they're getting at least $26k. Sweet.

You can still make that prize pool go even higher by contributing - otherwise known as 'by purchasing Odyssey items for exclusive rewards'.

Or you can just sit back, slack-jawed at the amount of money on offer. I'm probably going to do that.