Slay ghosts and eat cookies in free RPG Grimm's Hollow

(Image credit: Mahum Najam)

If you enjoy Undertale and the colour purple then you'll love Grimm's Hollow, a refreshingly short JRPG that puts you in the cowl of a recently hired grim reaper. I say 'hired', but really you've arrived in a sort of purgatory after dying on Earth, and been assigned the role of reaper seemingly at random. Meanwhile, your little brother has arrived here as a ghost—the same ghosts that reapers are tasked with dispatching to the after-afterlife. Eep.

Over a couple of hours, and across multiple endings, Grimm's Hollow tells a sweet, lightly moving supernatural story that feels both big and small at the same time. There are only a few named characters, but they're memorable—particularly Baker, the bread-loving reaper who has, erm, a baguette for a face.

The battle system is surprisingly in-depth, asking you to perform a quick rhythm minigame (think Shadow Hearts) as you attack and defend against the spectral enemies. It can be a little awkward in practice, as it happens even when you're in the command menu, but even so battles are involved, and frequently tactical, accompanied by one hell of a battle theme.

Grimm's Hollow is a sweet game that doesn't outstay its welcome. You can find it on Steam or on (Thanks, IndieGamePlus.)

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Tom Sykes

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