Skyrim modder uses real life photography to recreate gorgeous Finnish forests

Skyrim Special Edition celebrates its first birthday this week, which seems as good a time as any to revisit its host of neat player-made mods. In search of something new, I happened upon L3st4t's Every Tree Different—a passion project that inserts real life photography of Finnish forests into the fifth Elder Scrolls. 

Said to change the "aspect and look" of over 20 tree trunks, Every Tree Different aims to add an extra layer of realism to Skyrim, driven by the creator's penchant for photography. The results are impressive, which are best showcased in the following video: 

"Normally all trees around us in game look the same and this makes the immersion (at least to me) a little poor," says L3st4T. "Except for SFO [Skyrim Flora Overhaul], that adds some diversification, other mods are mostly flat, especially if you use mods that add forest and trees, you will notice that trees have the same look. As photography is one of my passions, I took pictures of some trunks in Finnish forests and added them to the game. The nordic look of the trees suits [the game] perfectly."

L3st4t says all featured trees appear in 4K resolution, however the creator is working on a "2K smaller option". They also ask prospective players to add their own screenshots if they please. Here's a couple of stills:

More information on Every Tree Different, including installation instructions, can be found over here. Note that this mod is only available for Skyrim Special Edition and not the original game.