Skyrim mod adds a realm-stalking, respawning Resident Evil Nemesis

When I first played Resident Evil 3 I was genuinely terrified by its S.T.A.R.S.-hunting Nemesis antagonist, who would respawn after death and chase Jill Valentine screen-to-screen. Now, you can introduce the brutish Pursuer to the realm of Skyrim. 

Courtesy of Nexus user MihailMods, the Nemesis - Halloween Special mod launched earlier this month, and is available for both Skyrim Special Edition and the role-player's 2011 original.

To suit Skyrim's high fantasy lore, Nemesis in its Elder Scrolls guise is billed as an "ancient atmoran warrior raised from the death by the new dragon priest Ahzidal to please his dragon masters." Similar to the monster's existence in the Resi universe, its sole aim here is to "destroy the Dovahkiin" upon arrival, leveraging elven magic, Ayleid Men Hunt armour and a pretty hefty-looking axe in the process.  

Look, see:

I'm not sure how close the above comes to offing the juggernaut, but, like in Resi 3, Nemesis respawns upon death, and will forever stalk the Dragonborn throughout the province. In a humourous twist, it screams "DOVAAAAAHKIIIIN" upon spotting you, reflecting its familiar "S.T.A.R.S." warcry that still makes my skin crawl to this day. 

If any of that interests you, more information can be found via the mod's Nexus Mods page

If you prefer Silent Hill-flavoured horror, creator MihailMods has also brought the second game's Pyramid Head to the fifth Elder Scrolls. Head this way for more on that, and below for some moving pictures.