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Skyrim Dragonborn lands on February 5th, there's just enough time to buy a dragon saddle

I'd almost forgotten about Dragonborn, Skyrim's most recent piece of DLC that lets you ride dragons and return to Morrowind's wintry satellite Solstheim. That's what annoying Xbox-exclusivity periods will get you. However, with the Bethesblog's exciting news that Dragonborn is set to 'touch down' (that's 'touch down' like a flying dragon) at the start of February, I have suddenly remembered that it's a thing. Dragonborn will appear on Steam February 5th, then, giving you just enough time to order a seat from your local saddle fitter. (Just be sure to specify that it's for an animal slightly larger than a horse.)

If you'd rather be reminded of the expansion in video form, here's the Dragonborn trailer we got rather excited about in December, before it was kiboshed for PC players for a couple of months: