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Each week on Show Us Your Rig, we feature PC gaming's best and brightest as they show us the systems they use to work and play.

Adrian Schmettau, lead programmer at Mighty Rabbit Studios working on Breach & Clear: Deadline—which left Steam Early Access today. His desk and PC setup is a no-frills affair, but the simple Rosewill case houses a GTX 970 and an i7 CPU. He also has lots of little decorations apart from the rig—from a stuffed Cacodemon to Spelunky figurines. Adrian was kind enough to tell us about his workspace, and how he loves playing Doom WADs.

What's in your PC?

  • Case: Cheapo Rosewill no-frills black box
  • CPU: Intel i7 4770k OCed @ 4.2Ghz
  • GPU: MSI GTX 970 4G
  • Motherboard: Biostar Hi-Fi Z87X 3D
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Windows Drive: Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB
  • Storage: Assorted 7200rpm drives from older machines
  • Asus VG248QE 24" 144Hz @ 1080p
  • Crappier 60Hz 24" Asus @ 1080p
  • Bonus ancient Dell that mostly lies dormant
  • Logitech MX518 or whatever the newer model of it is!

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What's the most interesting/unique part of your setup?

I wasn't much of a collector type until I started working at an office where it's almost obligatory so I had to think of something unique to clutter up my hutch with. I'm a bit of a soda enthusiast, a Sodahead if you will, so the collection ended up being bottles of the "indie" sodas a nearby restaurant offers. I'm an orange guy first and foremost so my favorite kind here has to be the Cool Cool Mountain orange cream! In terms of hardware, my favorite recent piece is the 144Hz monitor. Doesn't make much of an impact on work, but Doom sourceports and other breaktime games really sing when running at an insanely high framerate.

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What's always within arm's reach on your desk?

Gotta have my candy. There's usually a bag or box of something nearby, often dumped on my desk by someone else trying to offload unwanted junk food from somewhere else, since they're mature and responsible adults that don't eat candy. I also have a couple bouncy balls to annoy other people with during those glacial 30 second compile times.

What are you playing right now?

Whenever I have a couple hours I'm pecking away at Bloodborne. Great game, but hard to get much done in it while cranking out those Early Access milestones. When I'm done with that I'm going back to Pillars of Eternity, which I got about halfway through before pausing for similar reasons. The Infinity Engine games weren't for me when they first came out but this new wave of CRPGs from the last few years is really exciting. The combat is interesting enough to where I'm strongly considering a second playthrough on hard mode Path of the Damned, something I rarely do with RPGs. Also, Smash 4 every day! A workplace staple since it came out for Wii U.

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What's your favorite game and why?

I don't have a solid favorite, but maaaaybe Dark Souls? I somehow managed to avoid any talk of Demon's Souls or hype for its followup, only giving it a try after hearing that it was a superior alternative to Skyrim (what?!). Despite it being nothing at all like Elder Scrolls, I got super into it like no other single player game I'd played since the N64 Zeldas. It kind of felt like what I'd assumed a future 3D Zelda would be like while playing those games, only with much more blood and misery. A possible alternative would be Doom II, which I got into about... 15 years after it was cool. I've been playing it regularly ever since, blasting through amazing and seemingly endless MegaWADs shared on Doomworld. I'm currently struggling through skillsaw's fantastic and maddeningly difficult VALIANT.WAD released earlier this year, map by map.

[Correction: The original story said this was Randy Greenback of GUN Studios, it is actually Adrian Schmettau of Mighty Rabbit Studios.]

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