Shogun 2 soundtrack released, getting DirectX 11 patch next month

Shogun 2

The Creative Assembly have posted on the Total War forums with an update on the progress of a new patch that will bring DirectX 11 support to Shogun 2. After the patch, those with DirectX 11 capable graphics cards can take advantage of hardware tessellation and enhanced shadowing. The patch will also add anti-aliasing support.

Patch 2 won't just include graphical updates. The Creative Assembly say "we've been completely blown away by the success of multiplayer. That's a really big priority as well. You can expect a raft of multiplayer fixes and modifications in Patch 2, and beyond." The next patch is due to hit in the first week of May. In other news, the Total War: Shogun 2 soundtrack was released earlier this week, and is available now on iTunes.

Tom Senior

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