Seven: The Days Long Gone release date set

Seven: The Days Long Gone is an isometric RPG that will let you go anywhere and steal everything. Co-developed by IMGN.PRO and Fool's Theory, previous glimpses have uncovered parkour, stealth, slaughter and some gorgeous world design. It's now got a launch date: December 1, 2017. 

And to mark the occasion, it's also got another trailer. Onto that:

Be it in stealth or murderous melee, The Days Long Gone's combat looks great however I'm most interested in sneaking and thieving my way around its sprawling world. When I caught up with IMGN.PRO's Jakub Ryłko late last year, he explained that a visa system allows protagonist Teriel to access certain parts of the map—but that stealing your way into specific locales is possible too.  

Here's Ryłko on that:

Exploration and investigating surroundings was our main idea behind Seven: The Days Long Gone. Basically you can go anywhere, and you can steal everything. Even though our game is an isometric RPG, you can still climb the highest buildings and watch the world from its rooftops. You can break into households, steal things and get out through windows. You can use your senses to find useful items, or traps. You can find a secret stash which will be the beginning of a side-chain-quest. It is totally worthwhile to explore the world! 

Of course not all NPCs will be happy as a result of your thievish activities, so sometimes you'll need to use your parkour skills to get away—to jump over the rooftops, climb the walls and make a quick disappearing act.

And here's seven minutes of the game in motion:

Seven: The Days Long Gone is due December 1, and will cost £27.99/$29.99. If you're into preorders, more information can be found via the game's GOG and Humble Store pages.