Secretlab's Omega gaming chair is 30 percent off, and the deal has been extended


Secretlab’s Omega is one of our favourite gaming chairs, and for Black Friday you can get yourself a fancy cushioned throne for a mere £279/$309—that’s 30 percent off the normal price, and you don’t need to pay for delivery, either. You can choose different colours and upholstery options, too, though that will increase the cost a little bit.

The Secretlab Omega gaming chair is $309 (£279 in the UK)
This is our favorite gaming chair, and comes highly recommended for comfort, support, and just looking lovely. Snap it up today only from Secret Lab's website. Buy it 

The Omega benefits from being understated, setting it apart from the gaming chairs that look like they were ripped out of the world’s tackiest spaceship, and it’s extremely well built. It’s soft enough for long periods of gaming, but sturdy and built to cradle your back and bottom for years to come. 

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