Sci-fi dungeon crawler StarCrawlers leaves early access

There have been surprisingly few science fiction RPGs, but we finally have another in the form of Juggernaut Games' StarCrawlers: a grid-based dungeon crawler set in a "gritty spacepunk universe". The game hit Kickstarter back in 2014, and following a fairly lengthy period in early access, StarCrawlers has just launched for real. Look, here it is on GOG, and here's the game on Steam. There's a 25% discount for the first week of sale, which, oh dear, ends in just a couple of days.

GOG says that version 1.0 of StarCrawlers now features "intriguing lore items, a trader of exotic goods, bosses spawned by disgruntled corporations, plus plenty of fixes and improvements". If you're wondering what's next for the game, Juggernaut has this to say in a mini-FAQ in the announcement post:

"Whoa! Slow down... I literally just pushed the launch button... We are committed to supporting the game from here on out—routine bug fix and improvement patches will be made and we would love to expand the experience with core content updates and even DLC, depending on demand. We'll keep in touch with regular updates to let you know the state of the game and how things are looking for expansion!"

Tom Sykes

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