Satellite Reign teaser promises spiritual successor to "Bullfrog masterpiece"

Not Syndicate thumb

Static distortion, a night-time cityscape, the briefly appearing words "obey" and "submit". 5 Lives Studios, the people behind this video teaser for an upcoming Bullfrog-inspired Kickstarter, aren't exactly being subtle about the Syndicate connection. But let's play along and see if we can't break through their oh-so-cryptic clues...

  • In 1996 (the year that Syndicate Wars was released)

  • This man (blurry photo of a person that RPS notes is likely Mike Diskett - lead designer of Syndicate Wars, and a man who totally posted this teaser on his Google Plus account )

  • Created a Bullfrog masterpiece...

Oh, so it's Theme Hospital?

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We'll know for sure come June 26th, when the countdown on the Syndicate Satellite Reign teaser site ends and, presumably, the Kickstarter launches.