Sanctum 2 gameplay trailer shows off improved engine and animation, wiggling bums

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In celebration of a trailer well done, the four heroes of Sanctum 2 (opens in new tab) spend the last 20 seconds or so wiggling their posteriors as a robot army crawls menacingly out of the sea. And who can blame them? This is a brief but exciting blast of gameplay footage from the tower def-FPS sequel, and a welcome surprise after that tantalising teaser trailer (opens in new tab) the other week. In it, we see far the game has come since its 2011 predecessor. We also see a big armoured crab-robot, who will likely be a right git to take down.

As IndieGames (opens in new tab) point out, Sanctum 2 will feature an in-game graphic novel, an expanded survival mode, and more aggressive enemies that will attack the player/s on their unrelenting march to batter your power-core. It's due sometime this year, the exact date presumably depending on how many turrets you've placed in its way.

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