RUSE developer Eugen explains upcoming Wargame: European Escalation

On your website, I noticed a lot of discussion of supplies and experience. Now, supply points were simply the money you used for building in RUSE. How does it work here? Is the economy different in Wargame?

AD: In RUSE we named supply points the money of the game. The supply in Wargame is not money, but real supply. This means that units consume fuel, ammunition and so on.

The economy system is different in Wargame than in Ruse. In Wargame you start the game with an amount of Deployment Points that are granted by your HQ. You use these points to call for reinforcement during the battle or to place units on the battlefield during the deployment phase. Also, you can gain more Deployment Points during the battle by controlling strategic sectors.

Also, you say that units level up across the campaign? Will units also gain experience within multiplayer battles? For instance, if I have an armored unit that keeps surviving combat during a match, will it be a better armored unit by the end of the match?

AD: This is true for the campaign but it is different within the multiplayer battles. The persistent element that one can find in multiplayer is the creation of the decks. As I've said before, the players will have to unlock all the units. This means that you'll never know what kind of enemy equipment you'll face...

Matchmaking and multiplayer features were not a strong point for RUSE. It was hard to get a sense of the community and how many people were participating. I found it very hard to find opponents for the kinds of games I wanted to play, particularly at middle skill-levels. How will you improve multiplayer for Wargame? What kind of features will Eugen Net offer to people who like to study statistics, replays, or participate in tournaments?

AD: We're developing a much more powerful network engine for Wargame. We've also added more multiplayer services. For example, players can create a team and play against ranked teams. We have a replay system, a very detailed almanac for all the units featured in the game. As I've said, thanks to the PC platform we use for the game, we'll have the availability to create regular tournaments, patches and other updates on the game.