Run from your problems and get a knife in the latest Knuckle Sandwich trailer

Knuckle Sandwich is the type of game that I want to take home and show to my dad because he's got the same, stupid sense of humour as me. It looks a lot like Earthbound, but as PC Gamer's Tom Marks said in his preview, "it never feels like [developer Andrew] Brophy is trying to lean on that nostalgia to make Knuckle Sandwich work."

The latest trailer goes over the various things you can do in Knuckle Sandwich. This includes everything from taking out the trash and meeting the locals, to waiting in line and workin' it. But there also seems to be a lot of your typical RPG stuff in there, too. Fighting ghosts, busy bees, and piles of sludge accompany moments of party management, levelling up, and knife getting. 

There's also a part in the trailer that says you can "catch every single one of them" before moving on to an encounter with a Garfield-looking monstrosity in tall grass. Tom tells me that the game does feature short minigames, but he's not convinced that part of the trailer is anything more than a goof. I hope it's real, but even if it's not, there seems to be enough silliness to make up for it.

A previous trailer went much more in depth on Knuckle Sandwich's battle system, while two others teased the early sections and more gameplay. If you want to learn more about this Earthbound-style RPG, you can read Tom Marks' full preview here