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Rumour: Dragon Age 4 is being announced at The Game Awards

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Reports say a new Dragon Age game is set to be revealed at The Game Awards tomorrow—but it'll be at least three years until you can play it. This follows an earlier tease by BioWare (opens in new tab) that something Dragon Age-related would be announced in December. 

As reported by Venture Beat (opens in new tab), and understood to be correct by Eurogamer (opens in new tab), we're likely to get an announcement of some kind during the event. Venture Beat's sources say the game is at least three years away, and that BioWare and EA haven't even picked a title for the fourth entry yet. They note that this might change in time for the announcement, though. 

The report says that this new Dragon Age game has spent a year in limbo. An earlier Venture Beat piece (opens in new tab) said that an outline for a new entry had already been created by now-departed creative director Mike Laidlaw, but that it had subsequently been thrown out. The project was apparently put on hold while work on Anthem continued. 

We'll have to see what form this reveal takes—my guess would be a logo and the theme tune, if it's as early along as suggested. I am excited to see how Anthem turns out, but more as a fan of four-player co-op games than BioWare's work. It's been a dry few years for great BioWare RPGs—Inquisition was released all the way back in 2014, and Andromeda didn't ignite the passion for the Mass Effect universe like its predecessors did. If this report is correct, it'll be at least seven years between Dragon Age instalments. 

Did Dragon Age get stuck in the Deep Roads? That can happen. It's confusing down there. Or maybe it's busy doing sidequests in the Hinterlands (opens in new tab)

I'm curious to know what forms Dragon Age 4 has taken over the years—developer Alexis Kennedy (opens in new tab) discussed his involvement in the project in August last year. "I was given considerable creative freedom to work on a particular bit of the lore, which I think is a bit of the lore that people might guess that I would be drawn to. I suspect that when the project that was described reaches the light of day—which another writer has taken over and will do a lot more work to make it their own—people will probably look and say: yes, that's obviously the Kennedy bit."

The Game Awards 2018 (opens in new tab) take place at 5:30PM PT tomorrow or 1:30AM on Friday in the UK. 

Samuel Roberts
Samuel Roberts
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