RUMOR: Dota 2 "leaked" patch notes reveal native livestreaming, heroes


Disclaimer: none of this information is official! What we have here is a purported leak of ten changelogs for Dota 2 patches, and the numerous hero reveals that come out of this if you can read between the lines. If you're a Dota 2 fanatic, these changelogs could be your speculation-window into the future, letting you know whether or not your favorite hero will make it into the game. But know that any (if not all) parts of this leak could be fabricated, so take everything you read here with a massive grain of salt.

Perusing through the patch notes at , the fansite that's deceptively similar to Valve's official Dota 2 page , there's a whole lot of details to chew on. As longtime fans may know, the art of balancing a game like DotA is complex like no other, and tweaks to one hero often bring about changes in the others. With that in mind, the patch notes on display confirm many of DotA's fan favorites, including (but not limited to):

You can check out Dota-two's complete list of "confirmed" heroes to see the rest, and how each one came to light. There are also significant leaks unrelated to heroes: the two factions will be called Radiant and Dire (instead of Sentinel and Scourge), and there's mention of a DOTA TV livestreaming service / spectator mode that's set to launch with the game. Believe these notes or not, but if you're eagerly anticipating Dota 2 like I am, perusing this leak will be a treat after Valve's relative radio silence.