Rocket League's AquaDome update will take sports-car soccer under the sea

Rocket League is taking a dive beneath the waves in its next free update with a new, free, and deeply-submerged arena called AquaDome. A pair of new and thematically-appropriate cars will be released at the same time, although they will not be free: The sleek Triton and the “science-minded” Proteus will be available for purchase at a price of $2 each. 

There's an obvious hint of a BioShock in the new environment, not just because it's underwater but in in the glassed-in ornamentation of the arena: A bit like a diving helmet stretched to football-field proportions, no? The update will also feature music by Drunk Girl, who is apparently not actually a girl at all, but a guy named Andy Hogarth.   

Anyway, AquaDome and the AquaCars (which as far as I can tell don't actually drive around underwater) will be released sometime in October. Psyonix said more information about the update will be revealed closer to release.

Andy Chalk

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