Robert Pattinson on Tifa vs. Aeris: 'This is how every guy figures out what love is'

Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz
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Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz are currently on the promotional circuit for the new movie in which they star, The Batman, which is why they ended up on a recent episode of French program Clique being interviewed by Mouloud Achour. 

How the topic of conversation got around to Final Fantasy 7 I'm not sure, but I'm sure glad it did because we got to hear Pattinson explain the JRPG's central love triangle while Kravitz poked fun at it.

"I was in love with Aeris," Pattinson says, confirming his position on the Aeris/Aerith argument right out the gate, "and Tifa! Everybody wants to have both. It's the two sides, it's the two options of girls you can have."

When Kravitz admits she doesn't know Final Fantasy, Pattinson goes into full explaining mode. "It's the best," he says. "It's a love triangle where Aeris—or Aerith depending on what version of the game you have, it's sometimes mistranslated—she's like the really kind girl who, her superpower is to heal everyone and make the world a better place."

"Poor women!" Kravitz jokes. "We have to heal everyone, it's exhausting."

Pattinson carries on, unperturbed. "And then Tifa's like this sexy little thing, who's a thief and stuff, she wears the short skirt, and you're like, 'I can't decide!' And then Aeris dies! Then Aeris, right at her peak, gets killed. This is how every guy figures out what love is."

"Either the one that's gonna heal everything and the one in the short skirt," Kravitz asks, "these are the options? Oh my god!"

"There's the two options!"

"This is the problem with the world," Kravitz laughs.

Anyway, please enjoy the warm glow of relatability that comes with celebrities having a version of a conversation you may well have had yourself—whether you were the person who got caught up in Final Fantasy 7's love triangle, or the one who found the whole thing thoroughly baffling.

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