RimWorld creator says 'next version will be 1.0', outlines what to expect

Back in November, RimWorld mastermind Tynan Sylvester declared the colony sim as in its "final stretch" of development. Now, the creator has confirmed Ludeon Studios is working towards version 1.0, and is "furiously refining the hell out of this thing" along the way.

That's according to this Reddit post, wherein Sylvester explains at length why implementing every player-made suggestion is unfeasible. Here, he also explores some of what Ludeon is currently working on ahead of full release. 

The game's interface is in the process of being heavily redesigned, says Sylvester, as is balance measures for caravans. A new watermill power generator and accompanying underwater power cables allow rivers to be "meaningfully playable", while mod loading has been improved substantially. 

The economy for trading animals has also been redesigned, as have the animals themselves. "I reworked the doctor AI so they'll prioritize tending people differently," adds Sylvester, "and not go to get food while someone's bleeding to death."

Sylvester's thoughts can be read in full here, where he also considers how long he's likely to grow RimWorld in the face of an "endless treadmill of requests."  

After listing the above and more, he continues: "That's just some random stuff off the top of my head. We made hundreds of other changes wrought by watching dozens of hours of play videos and reading thousand of suggestions. There are so many things to refine in a game like this; it's almost unbelievable! Still working on it. Oh yeah, the most critical change of them all: Sheriff backstory is no longer ridiculously awful."

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