Resident Evil 3 fans have made an impressive HD mod for it

There are plenty of HD mods where you have to zoom in on a screenshot to notice the difference. Well, this is not that kind of mod. Resident Evil 3 Seamless HD Project uses machine learning to upscale the backgrounds, and also includes upscaled menus with high-res character portraits, seamless masks, and a bunch of manual editing to insure things like in-game text are readable. The difference is pretty stark. There's also an optional FMV pack that doubles the resolution of the cutscenes, another pretty noticeable difference even though they're still only running at 640x320.

Thing is, Resident Evil 3 Seamless HD Project works with the emulated version of RE3 so you'll need the Dolphin emulator and an iso to check it out. Once it's up and running you can switch between the two by pressing the delete key, and in the video above you can see a few instances where the player does just that.

Maybe we'll get an official remake of Resident Evil 3 some day, but in the meantime? This'll do.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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