Remember Hocus Pocus? It's back in Doom form

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Hocus Pocus (opens in new tab) was a 1994 side-scrolling platformer published by 3D Realms in glorious 256-color VGA. You played a wizard's apprentice with some magic spells and a steady supply of rapid-fire potions.

For the last five years or so modder Ravage has been working on a total conversion for Doom 2 that transforms it into first-person Hocus Pocus. Shoot magic at scorpions and bats, shout "Yahoo!" in the original game's Mario-esque voice, and collect crystals while circle-strafing at Doom-speed. As the ever-vigilant Dominic Tarason points out on Twitter (opens in new tab), "the hidden levels are recreations of other shareware-era games."

You can download Hocus Pocus Doom by heading to the ZDoom forums (opens in new tab). Make sure you've got the latest stable version of GzDoom.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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