Rainbow Six Siege players who enable 2-factor authentication will get this free skin

A couple of weeks ago, Epic began offering a free Fortnite dance emote to anyone who enabled two-factor authentication on their account. With the rollout of Operation Grim Sky today, Ubisoft is offering the same carrot for Rainbow Six Siege players, who will receive a unique Thermite skin for switching it on.

Instructions for enabling 2FA on your account are available on the Ubisoft forum, and to be frank it's not as smooth and simple as the processes offered by other platforms, like Steam or Battle.net. You'll need to install the Google Authenticator app on your mobile, and since it's only available on Android and iOS devices, if you don't have one of those I guess you might as well just stop reading right now.   

If you do have one, you'll then have to synchronize the app with your account after it's installed, then "validate the synchronization," and then save an image of your recovery codes so you can connect to your account if your authenticator craps out for some reason. I set it up for my Ubi account after recently starting Far Cry 5, and it did seem like kind of an unnecessary hassle: Origin just blasts a text message to my mobile whenever I need to horse around with something, for instance, which is a far simpler system that (as far as I can tell) is just as effective. 

In any event, you'll get two things when the job is done: A heightened sense of security that comes from knowing it's far less likely that anyone will be able to screw around with your Ubi account, and the exclusive bundle for Thermite, the popular hard breacher. If you've already enabled it on your account, good job—and yes, you'll get the skin too.

And if you play Rainbow Six Siege competitively, you soon won't have any choice: Ubisoft said in the Grim Sky patch notes that 2FA will soon be required to join Ranked matches. The exact date hasn't been set yet, but Ubisoft said it's aiming to make it happen sometime between the 3.1 and 3.2 patches.

Andy Chalk

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