Rainbow 6 Patriots to use Assassin's Creed Anvil engine, new concept art rappels in

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The "proof of concept" video above introduced us to the newly announced Rainbow 6 Patriots a few weeks ago. Now, there's some concept art and new info to go with it. Ubisoft say that the story of the battle against the domestic terrorist group, The Patriots, will be told from multiple perspectives. Team Rainbow will "wrestle with difficult ethical decisions" and employ a "doing whatever it takes mentality" to take the ultranationalist group down.

Luckily, "whatever it takes" should involve attaching yourself to a rappel cord and jumping off bridge struts shouting "wheeee!" a lot. That's according to the concept art, at least. See the new images below.

Patriots will also feature "enriched" breaching and rappelling mechanics with new techniques "including Wall & Ceiling Breach, Fast Rope Rappel, inverted 'Aussie Style Rappel'" and "Infiltrate & Subdue" (ie: Batman style). A new squad management system will let you order an attack with a single button press. Your team will then find the "most efficient and deadly tactic" with which to get the job done. You'll still be able to give your squadmates detailed orders when you want to, and in more challenging situations, you'll need to.

Jostiq got an advanced look at an early build, and they say that Patriots will use a new version of of the Assassin's Creed Anvil engine. It's unlikely we'll see the same free-running, but we do know that Anvil can render massive environments. There will be an involved multiplayer component as well, featuring a holographic map called the Sandtable which will let teams plan routes of assault before jumping into a mission. It'll probably look a little bit like the big red hologram in the artwork below.

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