PUBG leak suggests upcoming 'tournament-style' autobattler mode called Vostok

In a new video, PUBG expert PlayerIGN details a recent leak that looks like a new game mode, codenamed "Vostok". Based on various hints in the code, such as the mode's name, PlayerIGN claims players should expect an all-new map with arenas. He also shares a screen showing a limited number of spawns and a currency you earn at the end of a round to buy new gear with.

The possible existence of arenas and a wait time after defeating an opponent—also part of the leak—suggest autobattler-style 1v1 combat. This would be a significant departure from the battle royale format which became as popular as it is now thanks to PUBG's explosive success back in 2017. Going from 100 players on a map to a one-on-one setting would affect the speed and overall experience of an FPS quite a lot. PlayerIGN claims PUBG could be out to "reinvent the Battle Royale formula", but of course we'll have to wait and see until there is some form of official announcement on Vostok.