PUBG gets a whole website dedicated to lore

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
(Image credit: PUBG Corp)

PUBG Corp launched a tie-in website to accompany the battle royale's ninth season, which left the test server and launched properly last week. PUBG Lore is doing a lot of the same work as a fan wiki, curating the backstories of characters, items, and events in the game, with the notable difference of being officially put together by the game's own creative team. It also features a much flashier interface than you generally see on

The fact that PUBG even has any lore to speak of might come as a surprise to a casual fan of the game—and I'll admit, I can include myself in this category. It's not obvious that there are subtle clues scattered about when you're just focusing on finally earning yourself that chicken dinner.

Some people will tell you that not every video game needs to be backed up by complex substrata of lore, often only tangentially related to the game itself. I'm not going to tell you that they're wrong—you really aren't going to need to know any of this to actually play PUBG—but I'm a lore addict, so the more unnecessary the better. And I'm glad PUBG Corp is giving this stuff away on its new website, rather than eking it out with tie-in novels, comics, exclusive bonuses, and other supplementary materials that can drive you to distraction as you scramble to acquire them all.

PUBG Lore is live now and even throws in some short fiction alongside its more wiki-like entries. There are only a few pages up at the moment, but the welcome message on the site's news feed makes it pretty clear that plans are underway to add more. If you're a PUBG fan with a few minutes to spare, it's well worth checking out.