PUBG adds longer market restrictions to fight 'abusive behaviour of the system'

PUBG players sell cosmetic items for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars on its Steam Community Marketplace. By extending its market restriction policy on bespoke crates, developer PUBG Corp hopes to reduce "abusive behaviour of the market system."

As outlined in this update post, the battle royale's Aviator Crate was released on May 16 and is currently unmarketable on Steam. The developer aims to lift this crate's restrictions on June 13 at 8pm PST / June 14 at 4am BST.       

"Previous crates (like the Equinox Crate) were unmarketable for a shorter amount of time, but we’ve seen this cause somewhat abusive behavior of the market system—especially in the form of jacked-up prices for rare items," says PUBG Corp. "We believe that implementing slightly longer market restriction times will help alleviate this issue. Thanks for understanding! We’ll keep you updated as we continue to make improvements to our market rules and systems." 

As a semi-regular PUBG player who isn't interested in cosmetic upgrades, some of the prices listed here blow my mind. If you do enjoy dipping into the market, though, let me know what you think of this move—and whether or not you reckon it'll combat rogue sellers—in the comments below.