Project Cars 3 is launching on August 28

(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

We got our first look at Project Cars 3 earlier this month, and it's already close to the finish line. You'll be able to start skidding around the track on August 28. 

This is the first Project Cars since Codemasters acquired developer Slightly Mad Studios back in November, and it's taken a few notes from other modern racing sims, reworking the career mode and throwing upgrades into the mix. This way, if you find a car that suits you, you can keep improving it and getting behind the wheel throughout your career. 

Previously, you could tune your car and add some cosmetic flourishes, but these upgrades are more extensive, and now other players can see your custom liveries and paint jobs in online races.

On top of the quick play, event-based and custom multiplayer modes, there's also an asynchronous addition, Rivals, where you can compete with other players by participating in events with daily, weekly and monthly challenges, climbing up or dropping down the leaderboard depending on your performance. 

Despite the release date announcement, publisher Bandai Namco hasn't specified PC platforms, and there's no listing on Steam or the Epic Games Store yet.

Fraser Brown
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