Popcap's "PlayWave" will let you "Play while you eat"

PlayWave Thumbnail

Popcap Games have developed a microwave that includes a touchscreen and Wi-fi connection. The device will enable gamers to play some of Popcap's classic games while they cook.

Read on for the details.

The "PlayWave" will come preloaded with Popcap classic Bejeweled and will feature a 167mb hard drive, though no other games have been confirmed foir the platyform. A "playtime" setting which will also feature which will cook food according to the player's performance in-game. Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Jason Kapalka said: “It has always been our ambition at PopCap to create game experiences that people can enjoy anytime, everywhere. Our fans tell us they love to pass the time playing a few levels of their favourite games anywhere and everywhere and everyone loves a good meal so we thought why not combine the two?”

The device is a result of Popcap's extensive research into consumer's gaming habits, and the de's notoriously addictive range of games. We've also heard rumours of a "Play-n-Poop," due early next year.

You can read our review of Popcap's Bejeweled 3 here . We like it lots. We also quite like microwaves, so Popcap could be onto a winner. Which games would you like to see launched on the PlayWave?