Please protect Destiny 2's hideous Fallen babies

Two aliens, one of them carrying a trio of babies
(Image credit: Bungie)

Despite appearing for barely a second in Season of the Splicer's new trailer, the Destiny community has rallied around a trio of slimy alien babies.

Destiny 2 has slowly been enamouring us to The Fallen, a civilisation of four-armed, four-eyed bug aliens that until recently served as fodder for our magical space wizards. Last year's expansion let us fight alongside one of them in a kind of Fallen civil war—and in the game's next season, we'll join another in fending off a Vex invasion.

But forget all that, because the real stars of Destiny's next season are these blinking babies, cradled in the arms of a Fallen warrior like three snarling burritos. Naturally, Destiny players are already clamouring to see more.

One burning question the community is facing is whether to call these baby Eliksni "Dreglets, Smoliksni, or Smallen". Naturally, folks really want Bungie to release a plush Baby Fallen, though one fan pre-empted these demands by crocheting their own within a day of their reveal.

As spotted by Polygon, Bungie actually teased a look at a Baby Fallen over a year ago—jumping off the cultural hype for Baby Yoda by sharing a fan's soup-sipping crossover art .

Season of the Splicer introduces a new six-player Override matchmaking activity, the return of Ikora Rey in a leading story role, and Destiny's confusing and controversial transmog system. The fan-favourite Vault of Glass raid will also make its return later this month with a few notable changes.

But what's really exciting is the prospect of seeing more of these delightful babs. If Destiny is a game about orbs, then these might just be the cutest orbs we've seen yet.

Natalie Clayton
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