Planetary Annihilation announces stretch goals: naval units, gas and water planets

The Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter has passed two-thirds of its original $900,000 goal in eight days of its 30-day timeframe. To celebrate this success, they've announced their first two stretch goals. In case you missed our exclusive preview , or our colossal interview with Uber's John Mavor , check 'em out to learn what the Total Annihilation successor is all about.

The announced stretch goals (two out of a possible five, with the latter three still unrevealed) focus on expanding the theaters of war available to you: first to the oceans, and then into orbit. If Uber can raise $1.1 million in the next 22 days, we'll be getting aquatic planets as a new world type, and naval units to battle across them:

"We want to not only support naval units but to do a great job at it," the Kickstarter announced. "Likewise we want great support for water in the engine and the ability to create amazing planets that are largely water. First class support for naval means you will be able to have a combination of water and land planets as well as ice asteroids. Huge water only planets to play out all kinds of naval only scenarios will also be supported. Asteroid tsunamis FTW! Some of the water units we can expect include subs, amphibious units, floating buildings and of course battleships!"

At 1.3 million, gas giants and expanded orbital gameplay will be added:

"Gas giants have no land in the real world but we may allow some buildable areas on “high mountains” on these planets. Imagine massive fusion reactors sucking helium-3 right out of the atmosphere and giant orbital defense lasers. A more expanded set of orbital recon units, space platforms and other types of orbital units based on your ideas will be added as well."

We'll keep monitoring the frequencies for those remaining three stretch goals... and for any rogue asteroids that may have been directed this way by griefers lurking in the outer rim.