PixelJunk Inc. out on Steam later this year for budding soup tycoons

PixelJunk Inc.

The wide and surprisingly wild world of soup manufacturing caught our attention back in January with PixelJunk 1-6 , the codename for Q-Games' latest PC-fied take on its lovely console indie series. The venture has now turned legit with an official name: PixelJunk Inc. , a co-op sandbox-platformer of profits, crafting, and the quest to cook history's greatest soup recipe.

Up to four players share a 2D procedural world rife with Q-Games' artful coloration. The goal is to build and maintain the ultimate soup factory, and you'll need to explore the cavernous tunnels beneath the world's toxic surface for broth ingredients and building materials using a matter-shaping laser. The soup industry gets more interesting by the moment.

You and your buddies aren't alone in the deeps, so you'll also fashion some tower-defense-like guns for warding away what creatures who hunger for flavored water. If you're keen on efficiency, craftable robots can take over for gathering items and producing your goods—if you're smart enough, Q-Games says, you can automate the entire process with a metallic army.

PixelJunk Inc.'s aforementioned Steam release is a fresh focus for the studio which released previous games in the series on the PlayStation 3 first. The team seems strongly aware of the benefits Valve's platform provides, and it's planning to furnish the game with mod support as soon as it can. Soup-endous . Have a peek at some gameplay in the trailer below.

Omri Petitte

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