Pick up this Noblechairs Hero gaming chair for just £269

Pick up this Noblechairs Hero gaming chair for just £269
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Have you been planning to upgrade your gaming chair but haven't quite gotten around to it? Or perhaps recent events mean you've had to start working from home and more than a couple of hours on your rickety old chair isn't doing your back any favours. Whatever the reason, this deal on the Noblechairs Hero gaming chair might be just what you're after. It's currently £269 on Overclockers which means a saving of £80 on one of our favourite gaming chairs.

This particular chair is the Limited Edtion 2019 model which is essentially the same as the regular Hero but sports a snazzy white trim.

The Noblechairs Hero is a chair that has your posture and back support firmly in mind. In fact, firm is the key word here as both the seat and the backrest are pretty solid. So if you prefer a softer chair and are willing to forego the lumbar support, you might want to look for an alternative. Stats-wise, it can support up to 180kg (roughly 390 pounds) and while the chair itself is pretty heavy, you shouldn't have a problem gliding around on the casters.

The Hero also boasts a decent recline, adjustable wrist-rests, and is suitable for both hard and soft flooring. It's also pretty easy to assemble, though you may want to get some help when it comes to attaching the back to the seat. 

Noblechairs Hero gaming chair | now £269.99 (save £80)

Noblechairs Hero gaming chair | now £269.99 (save £80)
This chair is a great choice for both gaming and office work. It has firm back support and can hold up to 180kg.

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