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Persona 4 Golden has sold 500,000 copies on PC

(Image credit: Atlus)

Persona 4 Golden is "the most significant PC port of a Japanese game since Dark Souls in 2012" as Wes put it when he tested that port for us (he was impressed, though he had a few issues like the use of Denuvo DRM). Persona 4 being on Steam is an important test case for the Persona series as a whole, so it's a good sign that it's sold half a million copies.

Atlus tweeted the information with a sketch by character designer Shigenori Soejima and noted in a follow-up tweet that it was the 12-year anniversary of the original version's PlayStation 2 release. "We hope you're enjoying #P4G and welcome back to the Midnight Channel!"

Persona 4 Golden selling well on PC makes it more likely we'll eventually see a PC version of Persona 5, and Persona 3 as well. Fingers crossed.

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