Perennial is a lo-fi platformer that gets around

The Earth might be *checks Google* round , but we haven't seen much evidence of that in games. Sure, there's been Super Mario Galaxy (and, eventually, MaK ), however Perennial is the rare two -dimensional platformer to feature a giddily rotating planetoid. It's the latest from Badspot, who brought the world Blockland , and he's just released the prototype of the game.

Badspot (AKA Eric Hartman) intends to sell Perennial for "not a lot" when it's finished, but for now we have a fully functional, albeit unfinished demo version. As mentioned before, the 'hook' is the novel round-the-mulberry-bush perspective, but after playing this for a bit it would feel like a jolly, Metroidvania-style adventure even without that. I will say two things though: watch out for annoying Sticky Keys messages (jump is Shift); also, that jumping sound is a lot louder, and more infuriating, than the lovely music. Hopefully that will be sorted out for the final release.

You can grab the Perennial prototype here , and if you want it to appear on Steam, well you're in luck, because it also has its own Greenlight page .

[Thanks, IndieGames !]

Tom Sykes

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