Pathologic remake hits Kickstarter target


Ice-Pick Lodge's remake (opens in new tab) of their first game Pathologic is going ahead, which is to say that it's vaulted over its Kickstarter (opens in new tab) target, with six days to go. This new version of the bonkers, disease-ridden, fascinating survival-adventure game will arrive in 2016, and the next few days will decide whether it'll feature the additional content (opens in new tab) mentioned in its (fairly restrained) stretch goals.

To celebrate the occasion, Ice-Pick have released a few new images featuring all the weird-masked spider-men, creepy Uncle Festers, and ragged Victorian urchins you could ever want. I've included the most screenshotlike below, along with a teaser trailer we don't seem to have posted before now.

Pathologic 1

Pathologic 2

Pathologic 3

Tom Sykes

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