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Path to Mnemosyne is a trippy puzzler with infinite zoom

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Have you ever played a rhythm game for like five hours, then turned it off, looked at your floor, and seen the same encroaching on-rails effect, as if your floor was moving toward you like a rising tide? Path to Mnemosyne is basically That Feeling: The Game. It's a puzzle game built around a single vanishing point on a plane with infinite zoom, and it's every bit as bizarre as that sounds.  

Developer DevilishGames describes Path to Mnemosyne's art as "overwhelming," and I have to agree. Its never-ending landscape is crawling with details that start as specks and blobs on the horizon but rapidly bloom into grim caricatures, and its oddly smooth transitions mess with your head. A black-and-white style makes sense here because any colors would probably just turn to mush in the distance or, at best, blur into one of those hidden picture paintings.

A puzzle game being set on a long, straight path might sound kind of contradictory—what's there to figure out?—but Path to Mnemosyne builds some neat brain-teasers using its powerful perspective. It's a game about exploring your mind and recovering lost memories, so it's only fitting that you have to change the way you view things to proceed. 

DevilishGames says Path to Mnemosyne will be out in the second half of 2018.