Park your backside in a racing themed gaming chair for $43

If you're looking for an affordable racing chair, you'll find one at Rakuten (previously It has for sale an Essentials racing themed chair available in several color options for $43.

Newegg also has this chair on sale, for $50. After that, the next lowest price we found for the same chair is $74 at Amazon, or $94 for the black and gray model.

Obviously at this price point you're not exactly driving a luxury sedan off the lot. While we haven't sat in one, we doubt it's on par with Vertagear's SL5000, our current top pick for a racing chair. But it's also almost $300 less.

The Essentials chair has padded arms, segmented padding, and an integrated headrest. Like most office chairs, you can adjust the height, swivel all the way around, and adjust the tilt tension.

Essentials lists the weight capacity at 250 pounds. It also backs the chair with a 3-year warranty.

You can buy the chair here.

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Paul Lilly

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