Parents name child Dovahkiin, earn a lifetime's worth of Bethesda games


Megan and Eric Kellermeyer must really be into their Skyrim. Well, one of them at least. They've named their child Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer. That's Skyrim speak for Dragonborn Tom Kellermeyer. He was born on Skyrim's release date - 11.11.11.

It's Bethesda's fault really. Back in January they offered a challenge to all Elder Scrolls fans, offering games for a child's real-life handle. Was it a serious challenge? That's irrelevant now. The birth certificate has been signed. And the proud parents have earned a lifetime's worth of Bethesda games in exchange for the gesture.

A post on the official Bethesda Blog congratulates the proud parents on "completing the quest" and states "Be it the real world or the game worlds we create, we wish young Dovahkiin the best in all his adventures." Awww. That's nice.

Bethesda's first blog featured a hefty disclaimer: "Any reward for completing this quest will not ultimately justify the potential teasing your child could — and probably will — endure over its lifespan. Bethesda Softworks is not responsible for your parenting. You may gain experience points for completing this quest, but you will not care at 3am on a work night. Completion of this quest may also result in decreased desire to play video games and/or function as a human being. Consult with your friends before embarking on this quest; while it may not start in prison, it probably ends there." Sounds like good advice to us.