Overwatch 2 is getting a guild system, apparently

Overwatch 2 Junker Queen
(Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

In Wednesday's Overwatch 2 Reddit AMA, Blizzard developers answered a handful of questions from the community, talking a bit about lore, competitive play, and upcoming heroes. We learned a few things about Overwatch 2 we didn't know before: When moving cosmetics from Overwatch to its sequel will open all your loot boxes for you, so you better do it yourself soon if you like clicking the button. Blizzard also revealed it's working on adding a guild system to the game.

When asked about in-game social systems, Overwatch 2's game director Aaron Keller said: "We are looking to add more social systems to Overwatch 2, and a guild system is near the top of the list for us. A feature like this is a great opportunity and something we’re really excited about, but it’s a huge lift, not just for large sections of our team but several other departments at Blizzard. We have put significant work towards this feature, but it’s too early to talk about specifics or when it might come out."

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Keller mentioned that in-game tournaments may be coming in time, though the team is only thinking about it at the moment: "The other suggestion, in-game tournaments, is something that the team is starting to dig into more."

I'm not sure how a guild system in Overwatch 2 would work. It seems sensible for larger objective-based games like World of Warcraft, but I guess a guild in a shooter would be more about regularly finding people for games with team comps that gel. Though Overwatch 2's initial release will come this October, we already know the PvE aspect will arrive at a later date, so changes are bound to keep happening well after the game goes live.

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