Origin has been installed over 4 million times. Will support third-party content soon

Ea Origin

EA's own digital distribution platform, Origin, will soon be supporting other publisher's games. EA CFO, Eric Brown revealed the first details at a conference in London recently, report Gamasutra . Brown said ""Initially, Origin is set up to deliver EA games, but very soon, we'll be delivering third-party content to Origin." Exactly which publishers will be involved is yet to be announced.

The CFO also revealed that the service has had over four million installs since the platform was first released a few month's ago . All EA games now force users to set up the client as part of the standard installation process.

Brown anticipates a spike in numbers over the Christmas period: "We're fairly excited about Origin... we have about 4 million installs of the client, we expect that number to climb substantially as we enter this ... holiday season." He's probably thinking of Battlefield 3 and The Old Republic when he says that. Just like we are now.

We recently talked to Vale's head about Origin in our Gabe Newell interview . EA's digitial distribution service has been a contentious subject over the past few months, but don't worry if you need to catch up. You can read all of our Origin news in just one click.