Oregon's rework in Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge is a lot to take in

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

I was surprised to hear that Oregon would be Rainbow Six Siege's first map rework of 2020. It's a launch map that's somewhat iconic in the community, so I assumed it was untouchable. Turns out it's very touchable—so much so that Oregon's rework feels like a different map entirely.

You can see what I mean in Game Informer's Void Edge gameplay video below, which captures great angles of Oregon's new guts. The biggest changes have been made to the basement, where a new set of stairs links up to Kitchen and Construction and been expanded for less claustrophobic attacks.

The dreaded laundry hatch of Basement has been shifted to a less central location to make the site less of a meat grinder for defenders. There's also a new hallway adjacent to Meeting Hall that connects Big Tower to Kitchen and relieves Meeting Hall as a choke point.

From what I've played, Oregon is changing for the better. Though, it's a shame that the old version is being locked away in a vault to never be seen again. Enjoy the classic map while you can! For more on Oregon and Void Edge's exciting new operators, check out our hands-on preview from the Six Invitational 2020.

Morgan Park
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